Wolf Residence
Toronto, Ontario

This residence, sited on the edge of a wooded ravine in Toronto, employs off-the-shelf industrial materials in an elegant way. Although the area of the house is a modest 3,000 square feet the effect is one of unusual spaciousness. An exterior courtyard separates flexible living spaces front to back: entry, carport, three bedrooms, bath, and playroom face the street, while living, dining, kitchen, and master bedroom open to the park.

Sited to avoid damage to the park, the two-story house floats above the ground on steel columns. The standard components of the steel structure and mechanical/electrical systems are exposed to view and finely finished, setting off the conventional household furnishings. Sliding walls hung on tracks, adjustable canvas awnings under the skylights, and roller blinds at the glass walls give the owners a high degree of flexibility and personal control.

Ian Samson