House in West Los Angeles

The Residence in West Los Angeles occupies a corner lot in a mixed area of single family homes and small apartment buildings. The design turns the house inward to create a protected precinct in the tradition of Los Angeles courtyard houses, building upon the Southern California tradition of seamless spatial integration of indoors and out.

A 3000 sf main residence, a 500 sf garage and a 700 sf guest house are positioned to form an intimate courtyard, which takes full advantage of sunlight and encompasses spaces for different occasions: sunny area for the lap-pool, a covered patio for year-round outdoor dining, and covered porches for lounging and entertaining.

The house is conceived as an 'elegant warehouse' in the tradition of the postwar Case Study houses, and continues Barton Myers' explorations in steel housing. The main pavilion is an open, loft space enclosed by glazed 'garage' doors, with an exposed structural steel frame and metal deck, and concrete floors.

Ciro Coelho